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All the benefits and features of Spamex tuned for the enterprise

It does not matter whether you are a small business or large corporation, you can now provide your entire organization with all of the protection and control that The Spamex Disposable Email Address Service provides to consumers with additional features required by the enterprise user:

  • Personalized domain name at which your Disposable Email Addresses can be created.
  • No limit on the number of Disposable Email Addresses per account.
  • No limit on the size of incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Administrative console for full control over all user accounts.
  • Installs in parallel to existing email infrastructure. Will not interfere with existing email.
  • Completely outsourced solution, requires no hardware or software installation.
Everyone uses Disposable Email Addresses Differently. Which uses are right for you?
  • Use a different Disposable Email Address every time an email address must be disclosed on-line so you will know who is disclosing your email address and assure that you can always stop the email you do not want.
  • Use a Disposable Email Address for domain name registrations so that the email address can easily be changed when it has been harvested by spammers.
  • Use a different Disposable Email Address whenever a press release or article will contain a contact email address so that responses can be tracked by the email address to which they were sent.
  • Use Disposable Email Addresses to keep track of whether accounts at various websites have been created (can anyone ever remember them all) and to store usernames and/or passwords for those accounts.

Find out if the ClicVU Disposable Email Address Service is right for your company. Sign up now for a no risk 30 day free trial of Spamex for consumers and see why Disposable Email Addresses are the best way to protect your Real Email Address.

The 2003 Enterprise Pricing Schedule is now available.

For additional information, please contact or call 212-242-0258 x 101.

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